Jane Milburn was at the cutting edge of the slow clothing movement in Australia after earlier work in journalism and rural communications. In this video, she talked about people's shopping habits today and the 10 ways slow fashion offers to survive and thrive in a material world. Firstly, we tend to shop four times as much as we wear during the year. Global apparel fiber consumption has more than doubled in the last two decades, from seven to thirteen kilograms per person. In Australia, they consume 27 kilos of new clothing and textiles every year, and in North America it's 37 kilos every year. Two-thirds of new clothing is now made of synthetic fibers derived from petroleum, up from one-third a decade ago. Secondly, theslow clothing manifesto offers 10 ways to survive and thrive in a material world. These include: think, quality, natural, local, few, care, make, revive, salvage, and adapt. At the end of the video, Jane Milburn gave the message: the most creative and playful way to survive and thrive in a material world was to upcycle and adapt garments already in circulation to create something new from old.