Gala Marija Vrbanic, a leader in the digital fashion field, showcased what you could wear across your digital channels and shared how it could infinitely expand the creative possibilities of fashion, identity, and self-expression. First, she talked about her experience playing games and dressing up game characters since she was a child and asked herself, "How and why could people wear digital garments?" She conducted research on "hybebeast culture" as well as joined Facebook groups where they exchanged and traded. And she found that they didn't need to buy the actual product, but only needed the image to use on social networks. That's why she opened a virtual fashion store and sold them to customers. She and her team collaborated with many big names in the fashion industry, such as Carolina Herrera and Jean Paul Gaultier. She added that it wasn't just her but other fashion brands that sold certified digital products. She asserted that creating digital fashion was not a quick and easy thing. They still had to follow the same fashion principles as in real life. Instead of just focusing on product development in real space, they did it in cyberspace. And finally, she said, they made up a complex product or topic. "The digital realm forces you to go in that exploratory direction," she said. Although this was just the beginning of digital fashion, it would develop even more in the future.